Introduction about HUANG Kan


Solid grasp of math: I love math, and most marks of my math courses are graded above 90. (Calculus (I) 98, Calculus (II) 92, Linear Algebra 100, Probability Theory 94, Equations of Mathematical and Physics 93). I’m also good at taking advantage of the modeling mind, and converting realistic problems into math models. I’ve taken part in math modeling contest for 3 times.

Fast learning abilities: Though still an undergraduate of EE, I’ve taught myself many subjects in Computer Science (and this is my future discipline) and I have my own learning tips so that I can handle new knowledge very fast. As for research in my current field, I can quickly get used to it and put myself to work immediately.

Sophisticated coding abilities: I’ve took part in many projects and academic contests, so that I have a deep understanding of computer programming. I’m very good at Matlab and C++. Also, I almost finish the Python course on Coursera by now. Recently, I’m also learning SICP of MIT.